Working with Scenius Stategies Principal Ron Gaydos…

“It has been my pleasure to work with Ron over the years on numerous grants. He frequently served as thought leader as we developed new and innovative strategies for dealing with decades-old community problems. The products of his work offered a remarkable advantage in crafting winning grant proposals.”

Robert Grom, Steering Committee Co-Chair, Mon Valley Economic Development Strategy

“Ron has been a tireless and creative expert in helping our region’s distressed communities transition from past abandonment to more hopeful futures. His work has helped inspire me and many others who value healing, compassion, and pragmatism for engaging people for rebuilding their neighborhoods.”

Matthew Mehalek, Executive Director at Breathe Project / Collaborative


“Ron has the unique capacity to work well and communicate effectively with a wide range of individuals, many of whom bring diverse opinions and interests to the table. Ron also has a rich network of community connections, including nonprofits, organizers, activists, politicians, and strategists.”

Cait Lamberton, Associate Professor, Katz School of Business, University of Pittsburgh

“I enjoyed working with Ron and my company benefited from the experience in undertaking community development and workforce training efforts in Pittsburgh’s Mon Valley. I highly recommend Ron for assignments requiring commitment, organizational skills, communications skills, and forward vision.”

Pat O’Hara, Senior Vice President at Cummings Riter Environmental Consultants

“Ron is a truly devoted individual with a heart for his work. He has an incessant passion and drive to see his community thrive. He is a true mentor, an excellent motivator and exceptional colleague. I look forward to working with Ron again.”

Gabriel Gray, Music Instructor/Grantwriter at the Afro-American Music Institute

“Ron has been a wonderful confidant over my years with both Allegheny County & RIDC. Through our ongoing professional engagements, I have seen first hand the level of knowledge and experience Ron brings to very complex projects/circumstances. Additionally, Ron is a wealth of knowledge concerning economic development strategies and I have been fortunate to tap in to this resource on multiple occasions.”

Nathan Strum, Executive Director at GROW Licking County

“I have worked with Ron for many years in economic development consulting and strategic planning. Originally Ron was my client, when he was with Allegheny County PA, then he worked directly with me in projects at Battelle. Ron is highly knowledgeable regarding economic development theory and practice, and has substantial direct experience in hands-on economic and community development. Ron is able to draw upon significant experience, technical knowledge, and his analytical abilities to craft successful strategies for economic and community development.”

Simon Tripp, Principal and Sr. Director, TEConomy Partners, LLC

“I have known and worked with Ron on a number of community projects. His knowledge of urban planning, community development and strategic planning are considerable. He consistently offers creative and doable ideas to projects. Most importantly, he rolls up his sleeves and does the work as well.”

Karen Hochberg, WHAMglobal Project Director at Jewish Healthcare Foundation