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Articulating community genius in sustainable community development and social impact initiatives…

Grant Writing, Strategic Planning, and Special Projects Leadership

Ronald S. Gaydos, Principal


How Scenius can help your organization’s efforts: Ron Gaydos, Scenius Strategies’ Principal, has over 10 years experience as a consultant, manager, and leader in economic development and social impact initiatives. Most of his work has been in complex but needed economic development initiatives, social impact programs, and special projects.

Our strategic planning and major initiatives experience deeply informs our writing competitive funding proposals, which have resulted in over $10.5 million in funding in recent years.

Our experience builds systems expertise: The experience of Ron and his associates ranges from single project management to regional strategic planning, from traditional community services to cutting-edge inter-organizational collaboration; in public sector, non-profit, and private sector environments. For over 10 years we have led the efforts to successfully pursue resources and partnerships to accomplish many ambitious initiatives.

Our experience and professional relationships throughout the Pittsburgh region, many state capitals, and Washington, D.C. in several business sectors enables us to help organizations:

1)     Understand their unique operational and developmental challenges and opportunities

2)     Devise a strategy to address them, and

3)     To effectively pursue the resources to execute that strategy.

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